When writing makefiles goes wrong


Recently giflib made a new update, after a long time, from 5.1.4 to 5.1.5, it didn't have any impressive at first, fixing a few bugs then i read this.

Build Fixes

The horrible old autoconf build system has been removed with extreme prejudice.
You now build this simply by running "make" from the top-level directory.

I thought to myself, oh nice, it makes stuff simpler, less packages for us to install to build the package means reduced build times and since we just build and install we don't need incremental compiling and all that other nice stuff.


My other side went, it is extremely easy to fuck up Makefiles though, let's hope they did their homework.

They didn't.

Updating libgit2 and cargo annoyance


Recently libgit2 released version 0.28 which had a few changes to the API, most prominently the change of giterr functions to git_error and the rename of git_buf_free to git_buf_dispose.

This isn't much of a problem, those changes were wonderfully explained in the release notes.

So i sprang into action, all of it sounded easy, turns out thanks to a specific fearlessly concurrent language and its ecosystem, it wasn't.

Crossing the gir world


This is a small blog post with medium usage of numbers to show how much lines of patches and how many packages on xbps-src had gir enabled for cross arches.

We will also look at how many fixes went upstream with links to each merge request and pull request that has been made and merged.

The numbers are from the day this article is published.

Adding meson syntax highlighting


This is a small post/tutorial/diary about how i added meson syntax to my website.

It is no surprise i use Zola to generate my website and besides a few hiccups it all works very well. One of those hiccups is that i like meson but Zola doesn't meet me halfway with meson highlighting.

Assuming gir is nocross


A while back i wrote an article about making gir be cross compilable on Void Linux, called crossing the gir.

This article post is a small rant about a thankfully uncommon problem but that sadly still annoys me greatly, it is an anti-pattern born out of an outdated assumption that at best cause unhelpful error messages and at worst silently fail much later on.

This is the story of assuming gir is not cross compilable.