Splitting and understanding Vala's place in xbps-src


A while back Void Linux started cross compiling GObject Introspection data using a combniation of qemu-user-static for running resulting binaries prelink and patches from Yocto.

A nice side-effect of having gir cross compilable is that now we can also generate vala bindings (vapi), with that in mind i started working on cleaning up the templates that generate vala bindings and making them appropriate for cross compilation.

Wrapping vala for cross with xbps-src


This is a continuation of crossing the gir, it is highly recommended you read it before.


Today we are going to make vala work with cross compilation, it currently already compiles with it, but there are a few problems with projects that generate vala bindings.

Second followup on 'How its done'


Some time back i asked Cogitri to start writing about his exploits with his projects like gxi and tmplgen, he got around to it and started by looking at my setup.

Needless to say we exchanged quite a few things and it got me into finishing the restructuring of my blog. So let's start with the changes i have done before.

This can be considered the third follow up with the second one being weighting the pages

mk-changelog: small changelog script


Cogitri approached me with a problem, he is writing amazing projects such as gxi and tmplgen and he is a big fan of the AngularJS git commit guidelines.

So he adopted those guidelines for his projects and so far it has been working out fine for him, but he now wants to create release notes using those commits, but sadly all generators he found were heavyweight and feature-packed, he wanted something simple he could stick in his new release script and be done with it.